Just a little background.

Our focus is simple, easy to use eDiscovery tools.

Compiled Services began as an “in-house” software development group for tech savvy e-discovery providers in June of 2005. The group’s initial goal was to provide software utilities to aid in meeting tight deadlines while respecting strict quality guidelines. With the achievements of the development group, there was one need left unanswered: to provide law firms and other e-discovery providers with the same tools of success. Compiled Services was officially founded in July of 2008 to answer this need.

In the complex landscape of eDiscovery our goal is to provide solutions to simplify the process. Along with simplification, our products increase efficiency of tasks and use intuitive user interfaces to get clients up and running quickly. We focus our product development on listening to feedback from our user community and growing the product to meet their specific needs in the field. We keep a clean and simple look to our products so they are easy to use while still providing valuable information regarding your data.