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  • Automated QC Checks & Volume Tracking

    Posted Jun 07, 2018 in Features

    A large percentage of our customers use ReadySuite for performing QC checks on deliverables, volumes and productions. We already have many built-in checks, including load file validation, image quality, and bates range checks. And our customers have added onto that – with checklists and internal workflows for their own readiness and validation steps. Now, we’re […]

  • Feature: Export to Relativity

    Posted May 31, 2018 in Features

    Last week, we talked about adding scripting support to ReadySuite – and prior to that, we covered some Relativity platform integration features. We want to expand more on the Relativity features and highlight how ReadySuite can now import data directly into Relativity. Using ReadySuite to import data into Relativity, users can bypass the need for […]

  • Enhancements to Delimited Import

    Posted May 25, 2018 in Features

    With the next release, we have improved how ReadySuite handles importing delimited (CSV & DAT) files. We’ve already talked about a new method for opening these files directly – skipping the need to use the import wizard. But when you need to use the import wizard, for example, to setup verifying native and text links […]

  • Feature: Scripting!

    Posted May 23, 2018 in Features

    We’re ready (and excited!) to talk about a major feature coming to ReadySuite in the next release – scripting. Our clients and customers use ReadySuite today to attack tedious e-discovery workflows and perform many QC checks with relative ease. And we know there are many unique workflows firms and organizations need to solve that they […]

  • Feature: Import from Relativity

    Posted May 17, 2018 in Features

    We’re excited to extend ReadySuite import capabilities beyond load files with new, direct platform integration. Our first officially supported platform is Relativity. Using ReadySuite, you’ll be able to export coding and field data from Relativity directly into our document grid. From there you can link coding to your volume and begin production QC steps, or […]