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ReadySuite Feature List

Below is a list of the most common features available in ReadySuite. There may be more features and options not listed below. Download the free trial to try ReadySuite before buying.

Document Importing and Exporting

  • Load file formats for importing and exporting include Concordance, EDRM XML, IPRO, Opticon, Ringtail, Summation, Trial Director, and custom metadata and delimited text formats.
  • Import documents from industry standard load files and metadata files
  • Import folders containing images, text and/or loose native files
  • Import multi-page images and detect page counts and bates numbers
  • Import single page images and documents breaks without a load file
  • Import images from a Summation Briefcase export
  • Import tokens and metadata fields from Summation DII load files
  • Import delimited text files and Concordance DAT files with field preview
  • Import fields from delimited text file with rename and data type options
  • Drag/Drop load files or folders for easy importing
  • Export documents to industry standard load files and metadata files
  • Export only load files or load files with image, text, and native file resources
  • Export documents from grid using sort, filter and inclusion rules
  • Export delimited text files with custom delimiters and qualifiers
  • Export images with clean-up functions and endorsing/branding options
  • Preview load files and metadata files before exporting
  • Link load files with metadata files using a common link field
  • Merge load files and metadata files with other load files and metadata files
  • Recognize page counts from Summation DII load files using either the image file or the ENDDOC# and/or PGCOUNT tokens
  • Specify image extension filters when importing image files
  • Specify file extension filters when importing loose native file
  • Fully Unicode compatible, including ANSI, UTF-7, UTF-8, UTF-16 and Unicode support
  • Parse attachment ranges from load files including Summation DII and IPRO LFP files
  • Recognize family information from metadata files using a BegAttach, GroupID, or ParentID field
  • Retrieve file sizes and MD5 hash values from imported image, text, and native files

Validation Options

  • Ensure all referenced files in load files can be found, including image, text, and native files
  • Check image integrity by attempting to read and decompress pages in image files
  • Verifies pages referenced in load files match number of frames found in image files
  • Detects text and OCR files matched against related image files
  • Duplicate page detection by checking for repeated bates numbers
  • Validates document page ranges and reports gaps in numbering schemes
  • Separate checks for color images and blank images
  • Detect text in PDF files with customizable text length indicator
  • Matches hash values from load files with hash values from image, text, and native files
  • Event log viewer provides error severity, type, and a detailed description of validation issues
  • Save error log to a CSV files to be viewed outside of ReadySuite
  • Errors listed in event log can be grouped and filtered based on error type

Document Viewing and Navigating

  • Viewers and panels include: document grid, image viewer, text viewer, thumbnail view, metadata browser, document family view, and native-file link
  • Resize all viewers/panels, move to separate monitor(s), and custom placement
  • Image viewer supports single-page and multi-page images, common image formats including TIFF and PDF files, and color compressions
  • Image viewer allows page rotation, inversion, clean-up including deskew and despeckle, advanced zoom functions, and page or document level save and print options
  • Zoom in/out, fit-to-width, fit-to-height, zoom selection, pan are some image zoom options
  • Redact images with per-page redaction options, and custom redaction settings
  • Navigate pages easily by page number or using next and previous page buttons
  • Thumbnails for pages displayed either horizontally or vertically
  • Adjust size of thumbnails on a scale from small, medium, or large
  • Text viewer provides text from linked text files and/or searchable PDF files
  • Browsing metadata can be done with document grid or separate metadata panel
  • Family view lists parent and attachment/children per document

Document Grid

  • Grid provides list of all documents imported, with internal and user/custom fields
  • Group documents in grid by any field, with one or more grouping options
  • Filter documents on one or more fields, using custom search criteria
  • Setup filters with an excel-like filter menu or using custom filter dialog
  • Sort documents by one or more columns, in ascending or descending order
  • Field chooser to quickly add, hide, and re-organize fields in grid
  • Easily remove and re-organize fields from document grid using mouse movements
  • Summarize fields with aggregate functions including: Average, Count, Max, Min, Sum
  • Right-click menu to easily filter by including or excluding specific cell contents
  • Unlink resources from documents on a per-document basis
  • Processing and export functions based on grid sort, filters, and inclusion criteria
  • Quick document summary dialog with breakdown of all resources
  • Document Tally dialog for tallying unique values in specified field(s)
  • Find & Replace dialog
  • Batch Update dialog for handling fast-updates to document fields
  • Combine multiple fields together using batch update
  • Propagate metadata or custom fields to entire document family
  • Reports in CSV format on document or page level
  • Split document grid into multiple views, horizontally and/or vertically
  • Edit text of document metadata and custom fields

Exporting Images

  • Save images in TIFF, PDF, PDF/A, or TIFF/JPEG formats
  • Convert single page images to multi page images
  • Convert multi page images to single page images
  • Convert TIFF files to PDF or PDF files to TIFF
  • Preserve color in images or reduce to black and white
  • Choose among various compression options including JBIG2 and JPEG2000
  • Customize folder and filename structure using custom fields
  • Clean-up, trim, endorse, and convert images in one export process
  • Export with all supported industry standard load files

Exporting Text

  • Convert single-page text files to multi-page text files
  • Save text files in the same folder (inline) with image files
  • Change output encoding of source text files to new destination encoding
  • Wrap text files at a specific character column, for improved reading
  • Create blank text files for documents with no associated text files
  • Export a control list (.lst) file for documents with text files
  • Customize folder and filename structure using custom fields

Exporting Natives

  • Save native files using original directory structure
  • Choose to include or exclude specific document types by file extension
  • Customize folder and filename structure using custom fields

Endorsing, Stamping and Branding Images

  • Apply endorsements to multiple image types, including TIFF and PDF
  • Preserve searchable and OCR text in PDF files when endorsing
  • Position endorsements in up to nine specific quadrants
  • Use identifiers, bates and page numbers, metadata fields and custom text in endorsements
  • Endorsements can include text and/or image watermarks
  • Adjust the images header and footer by increasing its canvas and white-space
  • Instantly preview endorsement settings before running entire process
  • Spell checker provides reassurance and correctness as you type
  • Choose font family, style, and size for each quadrant
  • Specify color endorsements for color images
  • Align endorsements to the left, right, center or full-justify per quadrant
  • Change text orientation to horizontal, vertical, or a specific angle
  • Enter multiple lines of text in each quadrant
  • Synchronize settings across all quadrants with ease
  • Filter options include first page only, even/odd pages, and landscape or portrait

Redacting and Trimming Images

  • Trim portions of the page, including the header, footer, and sides of images
  • Redact regions by selecting areas to remove
  • Move the redaction selection using the preview window while adjusting its size
  • Use a white or black background for the redaction region
  • Instantly preview redaction settings before you start the batch process
  • Redact on a per-page basis using the Image Viewer, with default and custom redaction settings

Batch Print (“Blowback”) Images

  • Batch print (aka “blowback) all supported image file types and formats
  • Blowback single page and/or multi page images, including TIFF and PDF files
  • Print color pages to a separate printer for easy insertion into primary black/white set
  • Output with none, blank, or custom document and/or folder separator sheets
  • Print separator sheets for color pages using the original image or a custom separator sheet
  • Specify specific trays for each type of separator sheet
  • Build and print separator sheets with internal and user-specified fields
  • Stamp images with text endorsements on-the-fly while printing
  • Printing controls to test, start/pause, and restart the print process
  • Adjust page margins before sending to printer
  • Auto-rotate landscape images 90 degrees to the left or 90 degrees to the right
  • Send documents in groups of pages specified by the user to improve performance
  • Limit number of pages printed for each document by a user specified threshold
  • Print only the first page of documents that meet the user maximum threshold
  • Monitor and limit the number of documents in the print queue at any given time
  • Track successfully printed documents to prevent printing documents more than once
  • Output detailed diagnostic log of print settings and all items printed
  • Save custom print profiles for loading print settings based on project

OCR and Searchable PDFs

  • Use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to output text files from images
  • Export to Searchable PDF format
  • Pre-process images before OCR using: Auto-Rotate, Auto-Invert, Border Crop, Deskew, Despeckle, and Halftone Removal.
  • Pick from either the RecoStar or Tesseract engines
  • Skip pages from OCR process with existing text files
  • Generate OCR on either a per-page or per-document basis
  • Choose custom bates and page markers placed in text files
  • Adjust output encoding to any supported format
  • Easily create a new set of text files from a redacted image set
  • Option to save text files in-place with image files or separate directory structure
  • Create a control list for documents with text files.

Numbering Documents and Pages

  • Use document-level numbering or page-level numbering
  • Create cross-reference fields to store current beginning and ending document numbers
  • Number using custom metadata and user fields
  • Reset counter after each document numbered for exhibit-based numbering
  • Endorse numbers on images using branding options
  • Track numbers by prefix for dynamic prefix numbering


  • Intuitive interface requiring no training to get started
  • Wizards designed to guide the user with step-by-step instructions and help icons
  • Project file support for saving application session and document state
  • No advanced setup or database backend required
  • Auto-save project files based on time interval
  • Supports automatically checking for updates
  • Preferences dialog for customizing application features and options

Supported Load Files

  • Concordance (.dat) – supported
  • EDRM XML 1.1 (.xml) – supported
  • IPRO (.lfp) – supported
  • Metadata / Comma Separated / Delimited Text (.csv, .txt, .dat) – supported
  • Opticon (.opt) – supported
  • Ringtail (.mdb) – supported
  • Summation (.dii, .edii) – supported
  • Trial Director (.oll) – supported

Supported Image Formats

  • Single Page and Multi-Page formats supported for all image
  • TIF / TIFF – all compressions, including LZW
  • PDF – all compressions and archive formats
  • JPG – standalone or embedded in TIFF files
  • GIF
  • PNG
  • BMP

ReadySuite: Essential e-discovery software

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