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Print blowbacks like its 1999. With today’s technology.

Add cover, folder, and color-replacement sheets to your output. Endorse images on-the-fly. Then, print your black & white and color images simultaneously.

We’ll be the first to admit it; ReadySuite is great at batch printing (yes, we also say “blowbacks”). We’ll take your single-page and multi-page image collections, whether they contain TIFF, PDF, JPEG, BMP, GIF and/or PNG image files, and send them to your favorite printer. Don’t worry if you’re missing a load file, we don’t need it.

We detect color pages, so you don’t have to. Just tell ReadySuite where you want your color pages sent and where your black & white pages should go as well. Then, we’ll handle the rest. You’ll get separated prints on each printer simultaneously.

Print in Order

Printing pages in order should be easy – so we have several print management options for the challenging environments. Monitor and limit the print queue, print pages and documents in groups, add print delays to separate sheets, and set the maximum number of pages printer for each document.

Image Adjustment

Add bates numbers, document identifiers and confidential stamps to any part of the page. We can also deskew, despeckle, remove hole punches, and auto-rotate before it’s too late.

Separator Sheets

Separator sheets, otherwise known as slip-sheets. Print a cover-sheet before each document, a folder-sheet before each new folder break, and a color-replacement sheet when you need to identify color pages. Use our Sheet Designer to add metadata fields to your cover-sheets. Then, set the output tray, so you can print cover-sheets on blue paper, folder-sheets on yellow paper, and color-sheets on red paper.

Print controls

With all options and settings available, sometimes you need to test the print-process. Use the printing controls to test, start, and restart the print process.

ReadySuite: Essential e-discovery software

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