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The essential e-discovery software for litigation support

Make your own document productions.

Convert among image formats. Keep your native and text files inline. Add endorsements to your image sets, the way it should be done. All this and more.

Multi-page image conversion

Have you ever had to convert multi-page images to single-page images? Or vice-versa? So have we. Use ReadySuite to handle this conversion with ease, and choose the load file(s) you want with your export.

TIFF files and PDF files.

There are legal applications and software in our field discriminating against one or the other – but we don’t. If you need to convert your TIFF files to PDF or your PDF files to TIFF, let ReadySuite knock it out. Oh, and we support PDF/A files as well.

Document numbering

Renumber documents and pages using ReadySuite. Options are available for document-level and page-level numbering. Keep a record of your existing numbers with our cross-reference option. And if you need to roll-back the numbering of an existing image set, even if it wasn’t created with our application, just set the new number to the BegDoc field you already have.

Trim and redact

Trimming and batch redacting your image sets is our way of letting you remove erroneous legend stamps and bad bates numbers. Trimming your images allows you to remove a specified amount (in inches) from the top or bottom of a page. If you choose to batch redact, you can “draw” an area on the image that you want to white or black-out. Also, we let you preview this process before you hit ‘Start’.


Watermarks and endorsements

Add image watermarks and text based endorsements/stamps to your document images. Bates numbers, document identifiers, confidential language and metadata fields are all welcome. Choose from 9 unique quadrants with alignment and multi-line settings. Best of all, you can preview the results before you start the process.

Full controls

We give you full control over the folder and file naming structure when exporting documents from ReadySuite. For example, you can concatenate multiple metadata fields together to build the output filename of each image, text, and/or native file.

ReadySuite: Essential e-discovery software

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