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The essential e-discovery software for litigation support

Software should be easy to use – and our users agree that ReadySuite fits right in.

We also think software should be aesthetically appealing as well, and we don’t mind flaunting that.

Ready to work “out-of-the-box”

ReadySuite works right “out-of-the-box” – no advanced setup is needed and certainly no complicated database architecture required here. As long as you’re running a Windows machine, decent hardware, and have the latest version of the .NET framework installed – you’re ready to use ReadySuite.

Easy to use

Accessible to everyone – attorneys, paralegals, litigation support staff, service providers, and in-house corporate staff.

Designed to be intuitive

We’ve designed ReadySuite to be intuitive – most processes and workflows available in ReadySuite are wizard based, guiding the user through the necessary steps to complete the desired tasks. And when a certain option isn’t clear enough, look for the help ‘’ icon for more information.

Save your work-space

Project files allow you to easily save your current work-space. Auto-save your project files so you don’t lose any changes as you’re working in ReadySuite. Once you’re ready to open an existing project, just double-click the “ReadySuite Project” file and you back to where you last left off.

Our support staff is prepared to help!

Our support staff is also always prepared to help you with any guidance or questions if the need arises.

ReadySuite: Essential e-discovery software

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