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Put your load files thru the wringer.

Convert, create, filter, merge, manipulate, review & validate your industry standard load files

Convert industry-standard load files from one format to another using ReadySuite. Build load files directly from folders of images, text, and native files. Merge load files with metadata files for quick validation.


Supported Load File Formats
ReadySuite supports importing and exporting to the formats listed below. If there is a particular format you would like us to support, just ask us and we’ll add it in.

  • Concordance (.dat)
  • EDRM XML (.xml)
  • IPRO (.lfp)
  • Metadata – Comma Separated & Delimited Text (.csv, .txt)
  • Opticon (.opt)
  • Ringtail (.mdb)
  • Summation (.dii)
  • Trial Director (.oll)

Validate Integrity

Ensure the integrity of your load files with multiple validation options – including verifying referenced files exist, checking page counts and image compressions, locating gaps in document ranges and identifying duplicate bates/page numbers.



Create Load Files

Our image, native and text import wizards will help you build your load files from scratch and group all the related items. For example, ReadySuite can read multi-page TIFF and PDF files, automatically determine bates numbers and page counts, link the relevant text files and generate a compliant load file.

Advanced Importing

Using the advanced import capabilities, you can merge multiple load files together based on any common-link, such as a unique identifier or custom field. This is also a great way to verify the records in your load file matches the records in your delimited-text/metadata file.

Field Customization

Customize field data types, which allow you to edit date fields by splitting them into separate date and time fields or merging separate fields into a single field. You can also change how the date field is exported using export masks.

Visualize Load Files

Utilize our robust document grid, with its Excel-like features, and our viewers to peek at your load files like never before. And don’t worry, because it’s easy, super-fast and hassle-free to import into ReadySuite. 

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