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The essential e-discovery software for litigation support

Check your productions before sending them to your client or opposing counsel.

Integrated image, text, metadata and family viewers. Pull coding from your review database.

Do you quality-check your own deliverables and productions? Or do you trust your-coworker to give it that final OK? Then why would you trust your software to do the same? Don’t worry, ReadySuite is like Switzerland to your data – we’re completely neutral and will help you validate your workflows against your software processes.

Production in hand, now… check the number of documents and pages match? Done. Verify there are no privilege documents in the data set? None here. Bates numbers and confidential stamps are applied? They look good. All the correct metadata fields provided? You bet. Are the redactions permanent and the full-text as well?  Yes. These are just a few of the quality-control steps you can add to your existing workflows using ReadySuite. Let us show you how easy it is.

Link your ready-to-go production to the coding in your review database, before you send it out the door. Use the document grid in ReadySuite to check the responsiveness calls in your review database against the production image. Don’t forget to check issue codes, tags, and attorney notes fields as well. You can group, filter, tally, and sort on all these fields.

With our advanced viewers, including image and text viewers and native file link options, you’ll be able to inspect deliverables and productions with ease as you move your data through the EDRM lifecycle.

ReadySuite: Essential e-discovery software

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