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The essential e-discovery software for litigation support

ReadySuite at the core is built with a responsive and robust ‘Document Grid’.

Surrounding it are the many viewers which allow you to navigate, review, and edit your documents with ease.

ReadySuite provides an image viewer for reviewing all supported image file formats as their added to the grid using the various import wizards. Supported formats include TIF, PDF, JPEG, PNG, BMP and GIF. You can easily save, print, and edit your images using the viewer. For example, you can rotate individual pages along with deskewing, despeckling, removing hole-punches and borders from images.

Document Redaction

Redacting your documents in ReadySuite can be accomplished with the image viewer – just add the redaction box, adjust font and colors if necessary, add any text and burn it in to make the redaction permanent. We provide options to setup redaction profiles to make this a quick and painless process.

Utilizing the text viewer, you can compare document images against the document text. ReadySuite supports reading both single-page and multi-page text files whether its extracted and/or OCR based text. Additionally, ReadySuite will extract the text from PDF files allow you to view the image and text simultaneously.

Other panels include the thumbnail viewer, metadata browser and family view. All the panels in ReadySuite can be re-arranged, moved to a secondary monitor, and merged or split with other views based on your preference. Each time you launch ReadySuite, we’ll remember how you like everything setup.


Batch Update. Document Summary. Document Tally.

Quick-access dialogs are also provided to let you quickly analyze and revise the imported data. For example, the ‘Batch Update’ dialog allows you to change metadata fields by replacing, inserting, appending and merging data. A ‘Document Summary’ dialog provides a quick break-down of all the items in the imported data set. And finally, run the ‘Tally’ feature to count the unique values and breakdown of any particular field.

Because the core of ReadySuite is the document grid – which provides the functionality to edit, filter, group, navigate, review, and sort documents – all the other views and panels are built around it, allowing for greater efficiency of reviewing, coding and editing documents.

ReadySuite: Essential e-discovery software

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