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The essential e-discovery software for litigation support

Highly accurate, no-frills OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

Output results to text files or create searchable PDF files. Multiple languages, pre-processing and cleanup options are included.

Pre-processing clean-up options

Lots of pre-processing and image clean-up options are included to improve the accuracy of your OCR results. Users can select one or more of the following options: Auto-Rotate, Auto-Invert, Crop Borders, Deskew, Despeckle, and Halftone Removal.

Options for output

Complete control over your output options – including filename structure, whether to retain margins and whitespace in the text results, page markers and encoding options. Choose whether you want to export text files in-line with existing image files or to a separate folder structure.

Generate a control-list

Generate a control-list for importing OCR results into other processing review applications – such as Nuix and Relativity. Keep track of the document’s that have already been OCR’ed so you’re not duplicating efforts.

Create a redacted image set

Perfect for launching an OCR job of a redacted image set. Use ReadySuite+ to import redacted images, generate replacement OCR text files, and merge the results with existing OCR to complete a pristine set of images and text files that accurately match redactions.

Create searchable PDF files

Use ReadySuite+ to create searchable PDF files. Your import can consist of a combination of single-page and multi-page image files – including variations of TIFF, JPEG and PDF files – with a clean, standardized output of searchable PDF files.

ReadySuite: Essential e-discovery software

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